Lisbon Pole Camp

The best Pole Dancers in the World in an Amazing Experience
Lisbon Pole Camp 2016 Program!

What Is Lisbon Pole Camp?

Lisbon Pole Camp is a Pole Dance Camp in Lisbon, Portugal, that intends to be much more than just a place for learning and sharing the art of Pole Dance! It wants to unite the passion for Pole Dance with falling in love with a beautiful and amazing city!

Lisbon Pole Camp is the first pole camp in Portugal. We bring you the best experience with the best professionals in a safety and fun environment.


First Edition 2013 – Natasha Wang

Lisbon Pole Camp 2014 – Marlo Fisken
Lisbon Pole Camp 2014 – The Exclusive Workshops – Steven Retchless
Lisbon Pole Camp 2015 – Natasha Wang
Lisbon Pole Camp 2015 - The Exclusive Workshops – Marlo Fisken

Lisbon Pole Camp Spirit

Lisbon Pole Camp is a four days Pole Camp that wants to give an intense and inspiring experience to its participants combining vacations with Pole Dance. The participants will get to know the social and cultural life and gastronomy of the city and also learn and develop the knowledge on Pole Dance technique and its artistic side.

Lisbon Pole Camp has a lot to offer besides learning from the best Pole Dancers in the world! The participants have the chance to have a unique and exciting experience doing a lot of fun activities – just to mention a few – like visiting the beautiful city of Lisbon and it’s amazing surroundings like the old romantic Sintra; sightseeing along the wonderful coastline; going to the beach, swim in the beautiful sea and get a tan; taste delicious Portuguese cuisine and have a wonderful “Pole Pool Party” with a DJ live act, Pole Dance performances and healthy and vegetarian catering.

To give you an unforgettable experience we only work with the most amazing partners that put their heart in what they do! This is the Portuguese way – always intense and passionate!

Why A Pole Camp In Lisbon?

Lisbon has a lot to offer – it’s a beautiful, historical and cultural city; known for its hot summer nights and long sunny days; it’s cheap to fly to; it’s an European capital located so close to sandy beaches it invites its visitors to combine culture, sport, bohemia, the best food, and fun by the sea; it has incredible variety of attractions and it’s an wonderful friendly city!


This event can happen for one or two days in different times of the year with exclusive workshops.
The participants learn from Pole Stars and experience a quick visit to Lisbon!
Lisbon is beautiful in all seasons! It is love at first sight!


mobile number:
+351 969 090 881