Lisbon Pole Camp 2014 - Marlo Fisken

Intensive training with 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion

"I finished my European Summer tour with the Lisbon Pole Camp this year. It was a particularly impactful event because the 26 excited and energetic attendees, who originate from more than 13 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and South America, were all there to train

On the first day I asked every student individually what they wanted to gain as a result of our training, and almost everyone answered; "to understand transitions and connections," "to flow," "to feel more comfortable moving." So we did... by the end of the third day, after lessons in pole skills, floorwork, flexibility and improvisational play, I saw the students fearlessly moving with and without the pole. I smiled and cheered so many times that weekend as I saw the students moving freely, taking risks, and letting it flow.

Lisbon is frequently on the lists of "most beautiful cities to visit" and once you go, you can see why. The hilly city is bathed in colorful mosaic tile and detailed architecture. The food is fresh, REAL, and delicious and the people are eager to connect with visitors by sharing their culture.

Carolina Ramos the event's organizer, did an extraordinary job at infusing intensive training with nightly events. I spend most of the year attending pole related events and this one was truly well done. Thank you to everyone who attended, organized, designed, photographed, cooked, drove or otherwise provided for this year’s camp. I will be back!"

Marlo Fisken