Lisbon Pole Camp 2013 - NATASHA WANG

intense training with 2011 us pole dance federation champion

"I taught at the Lisbon Pole Camp last year, a fabulously run event by sweetheart Carolina Ramos that brought together pole lovers for a weekend of high intensity training in one of the most magical cities I've ever visited. Truly. I'm proud to be a world traveler, but Lisbon totally exceeded my expectations. If you love art, music, history, culture, food, architecture and the most beautiful beaches ever -- all with a dash of subversive cool (imagine a city that combines the best elements of Portland, San Francisco, Rome, Sydney and Buenos Aires) -- you kind of have Lisbon.

I'm so happy the Lisbon Pole Camp is happening another year. It should be on everyone's bucket list!

“I was the guest instructor at the 2013 Lisbon Pole Camp, where I spent three days teaching a group of women from all walks of life and from every part of the globe, all united in this magical city with a shared love of pole. What struck me most about the Lisbon Pole Camp is that it’s not just an intensive pole training event. Yes, you will work yourself sore and go home with a notebook filled with tricks, combos and invaluable training knowledge, But the organizer of the Lisbon Pole Camp, Carolina Ramos, wants you to leave the camp with not only pole memories, but LIFE memories. The camp immerses you in one of the most beautiful, cultural and historically significant cities in the world, so ample after-training activities abound, from sightseeing and foodie excursions, to pool parties and sunning on Lisbon’s magnificent beaches. I would highly recommend any pole dancer, from beginner to advanced level, to check out this camp. The 2014 Guest Instructor is Marlo Fisken, IPDFA’s 2013 Instructor of the Year. She will make the 2014 Lisbon Pole Camp unforgettable!”

Natasha Wang